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Try it out risk free 30 day money-back guarantee

Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 2048 reviews

How Adult Athletes Benefit from the TimTam Pulse Massager

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Working with adult athletes brings its own set of advantages and challenges to the table as a trainer. Adult athletes often exhibit the tenacity and knowledge of the dedication it takes to improve and get stronger and typically have better control over the products they use, places they workout, and the foods they eat to support healthy growth. While these benefits help create a mentally strong athlete, adult athletes often encounter more aches and pains than younger athletes. But we’ve watched some of the greats - including Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods - reach peak athletic performance well into their forties, and for some: with no sign of stopping. So what can you do to help your athletes combat the aches and pains that hold them back? Try out the TimTam pulse massager: the world’s most convenient TENS device. What is the pulse massager, how does it work, and how can your athletes benefit? We’re here to break it down for you.

What is the Pulse Massager?

The TENS Device by TimTam that Revolutionizes Convenient Pain Management

Pulse Massager TimTam Packaging Whats Inside

The Pulse Massager is TimTam’s take on a TENS device, or a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device. Delivering therapeutic electrical pulses to the nerves under the skin from tiny electrodes connected to wires, traditional TENS devices can be difficult to transport, easily tangled, and break easily. TimTam revolutionized the TENS device with the Pulse Massager, which sticks directly onto the target and delivers electrical pulses, ranging in intensity, wirelessly. The Pulse Massager is extremely lightweight, weighing in at less than an ounce and allows hands-free electrotherapy to not only athletes, but to people inflicted with chronic muscular pain.

Users control the electrical pulses using the TimTam Pulse App - available for both iPhone and Android. The TimTam Pulse App allows users to access 16 different treatment modes across the body and 15 different intensity levels, creating a unique, dynamic recovery treatment after each workout. The fifteen intensity levels vary from treatment of mild to severe pain, making the pulse massager a must-have for athletes of all ages to engage in modern recovery tactics at home, on the field, or on the go.

How the TimTam Pulse Massager Works

Highly-researched Electrotherapy Brought in One Tiny, Powerful Package

The Pulse Massager was created to bring athletes a trusted form of therapy in the most convenient package available. By working wirelessly and sticking directly onto the body, the Pulse Massager is perfect for the busy adult because it can treat and relieve stubborn pains while cooking dinner, driving, or working on household chores.

But how does this advance technology work? This explanation begins with how our bodies process pain. Pain signals - whether they are aches, burns, or pinches - are received by the nerve endings located throughout our bodies. These nerves send stimuli to our brains, and these stimuli resemble electrical currents. The brain takes a split second the process this stimulus while sending pain signals back to the affected area, allowing us to feel pain.

The Pulse Massager - in accordance with traditional electrotherapy and TENS treatments - sends small electric pulses beneath the skin to the nerves that are sensing pain in our muscles and tendons. These electric pulses interrupt and block the pain signals our serves are sending and receiving, which both prevents and treats the aching in our muscles.

TENS devices and electrotherapy as a whole is extremely well researched and is not harmful to the human body, primarily because the electrical pulses are not strong enough to actually shock us. Because of this, electrotherapy is one of the most effective pain relief options for athletes and sufferers of chronic muscular pain -- and lucky for you, TimTam has created the Pulse Massager than can go and do whatever you do.

How the Pulse Massager Helps the Adult Athlete

Pulse Massager Shoulder

Because electrotherapy is such a trusted approach to pain management, it’s a great tool for athletes and adults with chronic muscular pain. Specific for the adult athlete, the pulse massager can help relieve muscles that become achy from overuse. The Pulse Massager treats and relieves pain, meaning it’s great for adults with ongoing backaches, knee pains, and can’t recover from a tough workout the way they used to. Not only will your pain management regime require fewer pills, but you are treating the source of the pain rather than simply masking it with medication.

After a tough workout, apply the pulse massager to one of the 16 designated zones for treatment - including quads, knees, calves, glutes, and deltoids - and use the TimTam Pulse app to select your treatment and intensity level. For more serious pain, choose a higher intensity level. For everyday management of mild pain, use a low-intensity level both before and after workouts. If your pain persists long after workouts or continues to worsen, however, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a doctor to make sure there are no serious injuries involved.

Ready to help take your adult athletes’ workout and recovery to the next level? Get your hands on a TimTam Pulse Massager now and watch yourself master your recovery.

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