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Try it out risk free 30 day money-back guarantee

Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 2048 reviews

5 Types of Athletes Who Benefit from the Polish Light

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If there’s anything we’ve learned from our years of engineering recovery tools for the modern athlete, it’s that there’s no Platonic ideal for ‘The Athlete;’ there’s no body shape, gender, type of sport, or age group that defines what makes a true athlete. Athletes all approach workouts and training for different reasons and with different exercises, but we are all united by our work ethic. Our desire to improve, push ourselves, and prove what our bodies are capable of is at the roots of the essence of what makes us athletes. Because being an athlete looks a little bit different for everyone, we’ve broken down how a few types of athletes can best use the Polish Light - TimTam’s newest vibrating massage ball - to maintain the essence of the athlete: challenging oneself every day to improve.

The Gym/Fitness Guru

Female Fitness Athlete

What sets gym and fitness gurus apart from many other athletes is their unique level of self-motivation. Spending several hours in the gym every day training, lifting, and sculpting often feels like a battle against your own mind, but the level of perseverance present in the fitness guru allows them to reach their fitness goals with focus and determination. Gym and fitness gurus know their bodies’ reactions to workouts inside and out, providing them with the knowledge necessary to understand that the work you put in outside of the gym is just as important; diet, sleep, and recovery are just as important as each individual rep.

The gym and fitness guru will love the Polish Light because it allows them to work through the aches and pains that often lead athletes to skip gym days or not reaching their full fitness potential. The Polish Light - the compact self heating vibrating massage ball that goes wherever you do - can help roll out sore muscles, reach important trigger points, and apply heat to tired muscles after a tough lift. By taking 20-30 minutes after a workout to roll your quads, glutes, and back, the fitness guru will be back in the gym in no time ready to increase weight and train harder each and every day.

The Yogi

Yoga class recovery

As the athlete who’s perhaps most in touch with their own body, the Yogi knows that recovery is a major portion of every workout. By taking the time to center their thoughts during each workout, yogis are able to identify what their body needs when working out and recovering. For many, the Polish Light is exactly what they need to reach maximum strength and relaxation after yoga. Listening to what their bodies need, yogis take the necessary time to relieve muscular and fascial tension following each type of workout. This is the exact reason why professional athletes are encouraged to engage in yoga -- focusing on how your body feels and responds after a workout is a key to healthy recovery, which is why yogis all over the country cannot recommend the Polish Light enough.

The Varsity Athlete

the athlete women's volleyball

Whether they’re in high school or college, the varsity athlete is at the top of their game at their age level. Not only does the varsity athlete spend hours on end at practice or the gym during the week, but they must balance their studies with their unadulterated desire to constantly improve themselves. This is the kind of grind that sets varsity athletes apart from the rest: the determination to succeed both academically and athletically.

The varsity athlete doesn’t work alone; they’re the type of athlete to put the team on their back, knowing that collective success will always be more important that the strength of a single player. The varsity athlete that uses the Polish Light is a leader and goal setter: always willing to do the extra rep, head into a Saturday practice early, and stay in the trainer’s room until the whole team is ready to go home. Using the Polish Light, these athletes show their teammates how to continue to grow and improve even after practice -- not just for themselves, but for the whole team. Whether they’re helping teammates prevent injury from overuse or massaging themselves after a tough practice, the varsity athlete needs the Polish Light to support them in their mission to better both himself and the team.

The Runner

runner, marathon recovery

Always willing to go the extra mile, runners are the athletes that many other athletes envy. Possessing the stamina and focus to tackle long distances, face extreme weather, and work through the pain that compiles with each mine, runners are some of the most driven athletes out there. Much like the other athletes on the list, however, athletes have specific needs when it comes to recovery. With a workout that almost entirely creates stress on the leg muscles, runners use the Polish Light - the most advanced vibrating massage ball on the market - to hone in on muscle groups that feel tight and tense after a long workout. Rolling tight calves, sore arches, and aching quads helps runners break up the lactic acids that build up with each additional mile. After a good roll with the Polish Light and a solid icing session, runners are ready to challenge themselves to reach new distances the very next day.

The Professional Athlete

Professional Athlete Tennis Player

Even athletes performing at the highest level need to focus on allowing their bodies to recover and rest after a big game or tough workout. Professional athletes have access to the best-of-the-best when it comes to their game: the best coaches, trainers, equipment, and recovery tools. Even so, professional athletes from a variety of sports swear upon TimTam’s collection of recovery tools. Expertly designed to enhance the benefits of traditional recovery tools, TimTam’s products - like the Polish Light - are among the best training tools for the pros. With four vibration settings, the perfect exterior coating for a pressurized rolling session, and optional heat, professional athletes and their trainers cannot resist the unbelievable power and convenience of this incredible vibrating massage ball.

Plain and simple: regardless of the type of athlete you are, the Polish Light is the recovery tool designed to help you reach your goals. Try out TimTam’s newest vibrating massage ball for yourself and see how you grow as an athlete.

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