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Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 2048 reviews

5 Tips to Stand Out at Your Varsity Football Spring Game

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 At this point, it seems like football season will never arrive. While you wait for September to arrive so you can take the field again, it seems like these Spring months drag on in anticipation.l Lucky for you, your college’s spring game is right around the corner, and it’s your chance to shine. On the surface, the spring game is all about school spirit and getting hyped up for the upcoming season. But you know that this is your chance to show coached, NFL scouts, and your University community what you’re made of. In this comes a lot of pressure, but even more so: a huge opportunity. So how can you prepare for your moment in your school’s spring game? From working with your teammate to recovering with the best power roller massager from TimTam, we’re here with tips for making yourself stand out in this year’s spring game.

Get Yourself Hyped Up

College Football Catch

As an athlete, you know that the biggest limitation to success is yourself and your ability to overthink. Thinking about the pressure of getting a starting spot can be nerve-wracking and affect your performance as a whole. That’s why it’s important to remember why you love the game itself: the lights, the screaming crowds, the brotherhood, the mental toughness it has instilled in you since midget football.

From there, it’s important to get yourself hyped up to get out and tear up the field. Some of our favorite things to get us hyped up include:

  • Last season’s highlight reels
  • Your own recruitment videos
  • A solid hype-up playlist
  • A boys night with your teammates the weekend prior

By taking the time to get your mind right before the spring game, you’ll not only remember what made you love the game in the first place, but you’ll be reminded of what you’re working towards: yourself, your team, and the honor of your University as a whole. Go out and get it.

Eat Right to Get Your Game Right

eat right carved brisket football spring prep

We know it’s the off-season and you’ve been eating whatever comes your way. We don’t blame you, either. But athletes know that championships are won in the off-season, and the spring game is your first chance to show not only your coaches and school what you’re made of, but also your competition. Take the time to buckle down a few weeks before your school’s Spring game to get your diet right. Focus on consuming a protein-rich and carb-loaded diet to provide you with energy and the strength to perform. Of course, there’s no need to go crazy, but putting in the extra initiative to prepare your body for the Spring game can help you not only outperform the player you were last season, but show your coach that you’re ready to take on that starting spot you’ve been vying for.

Pay Attention to Recovering Properly

Because the number of spring practices your team is allowed to have is limited, it’s important to ensure that you’re making the most out of every practice. While pushing yourself is a given aspect of these practices, many athletes forget about the importance of recovery in boosting their performance. Taking the time to recover after practice can keep your muscles from being sore and fatigued, allowing you to keep growing and improving every day.

To take your recovery to the next level, the TimTam Spiked Massage Therapy Ball is an absolute must-have. Focused on optimized myofascial relief, the Spiked Massage Therapy Ball reduces soreness, restores blood flow, and helps maintain a dynamic range of motion. Using this power roller massager after practice to target sore muscles - even if only for 15-20 minutes - is guaranteed to help you bring your A-game in the practices that follow. Not only will you feel more ready to perform after a tough workout, but your coaches and teammates are sure to notice your dedication to the game.

If you’re involved in The Spring League - we’re sure you’ll be ready to show what you’ve got.

Remember You’re Playing for a Team

football team sport

You could be the best athlete on the planet, but for most coaches that’s not enough. Coaches are always looking for players who are the total package: a great athlete, a hard worker, and a team player. Making sure that you act like a team player both on and off the field is the key to showing your coaches and teammates that you’re ready to take on the responsibility of a starting spot or the role of a captain. Show you’re a team player by taking opportunities to show younger players how to work through drills, supporting your teammates during lifting sessions, or helping to aid your teammates in their recovery after practice.

Stay Humble

stay humble pray football player

The Spring Game is really your chance to shine, but it’s important to remember to stay humble through your successes. As fans, NFL scouts, and your coaches watch, be sure continue representing your University with pride. Additionally, staying humble continues long after the spring game. If the coach tells you that you’re a front runner for the starting position you’ve been vying for, don’t rely on a great performance in the spring game to seal your fate. Keep working, keep training, and keep showing your coaches and teammates what you're made of.

Make sure you continue to get the most out of your workouts with TimTam. Proper muscle recovery is proven to boost performance between 2 and 5%, which may be that extra boost you need finally reach your goals as an athlete. Make yourself stand out but taking time to recover with tools like TimTam Spiked Massage Therapy Ball, boosting your performance each and every day.

Ready to show the world what you’re made of? Get started by making the most out of your workouts and recovery with the best recovery tools from TimTam -- get your hands on some today.

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